Friday, November 2, 2007

Giving Is Better Than Receiving

Who’s stupid idea was it to wait until November before we set the clocks back an hour? I had trick or treaters knocking on my door at 9 o’clock. Maybe it was me but it seemed like every other candy seeker was a teenage mother with her infant child that was asleep in the stroller. There were a lot of adults too, not in costume, just showing up at the door, “Trick Or Treat!” I wanted to say, “Grow the hell up my candy is for the kids,” but I figured they couldn’t resist the cute little fairy giving away treats at my door.

We started going door to door at dusk, which was about 6:15. Alissa got really cranky and tired fast. She only lasted about an hour, but when we got home to hand out candy she got her second wind. She had much more fun handing out candy than collecting it. About 8:30 we ran out of candy, but that didn’t stop Alissa, she started to hand out the candy she had received that night and earlier in the week. At first I was all for it, but I finally stopped her so she would at least have something to eat for breakfast the rest of the week. :)


Julie H said...

Our trick or treating hours are always the Sunday before Halloween. Lame-ish for the kids, but so easy for me. I would HATE having the kids at my door at 9 at night! On a school night? I don't think so.

Hyperher said...

I had a couple of trick or treaters but the insane barking of my dogs drove me nuts and I shut the lights off and called it a night. Then I hear another knock on my door. It was my friend and her young niece. My friend said that she heard some kids talking as she walked up my yard and they said, "Don't go there, they have big dogs." Big cream puff dogs is more like it!

I was most disturbed by the 3 year old candy seeker in a slasher mask. Your daughter looks lovely!

qofd said...

Um, your daughters? GORGEOUS!

You are such a thoughtful dad. I forgot to hold back some candy for the kids and all they got was Pepsi for breakfast the next day.

Leucantha` said...

Why didn't I think of feeding them candy for breakfast? Oh because only one is in school and why would I want to that to myself. Oh the things I have to look forward to when they are both in school. Thanks for the tip that is priceless!

ventl8r said...

Dad Of The Year goes to TOM who is so concerned about the healthy breakfast he serves his children!


Way to go, dad!!