Monday, November 12, 2007

How Are Frogs Like Sponges?

…They dry up when you leave them out of water. It takes about 8 hours and then they will shrivel up and die. What’s really cool is if you put them back in the water they will rehydrate, just like a sponge, but unfortunately they don’t start living again.

How do I know this great stuff? I have my friend Nelson to thank for that.

Back in August I took a little vacation. Nelson agreed to look after the small zoo that lives in my home. We have two weenie dogs (Splinter and Mia), two goldfish (Sally and Hammerhead), and one toad (Rosie) that Alissa and I found on the golf course.

I had promised Austin that we would go out and find a toad for him too, but that never happened.

Alissa loved that toad. She was about the size of a nickel when we found her. Like we know if it was a female. We fed Rosie small crickets and kept her in an aquarium with plenty of water. She was about the size of a 50-cent piece at vacation time.

Well I get the call from Nelson on the way home that there had been a death in the family. While he was cleaning out the aquarium he forgot to put the water bowl back in. When he came back, he found the dried up remains of Rosie.

Good guy Nelson went to Petco and purchased Alissa a frog, not a toad, to replace Rosie. He also bought one for Austin. He said that it might pass for Rosie, but that we could decide on what to tell Alissa. Rosie 1 was all gray. Rosie 2 is green with red spots on her entire underbelly. Then there would have to be an explanation for Rock, the frog he bought for Austin. I’m not sure what he was thinking.

The guys at work told me later that the poor dude was pitifully looking all around the golf course for a toad to replace Rosie. It was the running joke at MVCC for weeks. I thought Sherri had the best one though. Nelson called to talk a few days later and Sherri answered the phone, “Hey Nelson, my dogs don’t come to their names anymore.”

When we got home from vacation, the first thing Alissa wanted to do was check on Rosie. We didn’t say a word. Who knows, maybe she wouldn’t know. I thought it was working until “Mr. Helpful” Austin comes in the room, “That’s not Rosie!” The boy almost died that night.

The story we told her was that Rosie escaped while Nelson was cleaning the tank.

So how do I know that it takes about 8 hours to dry up a frog? Rock met the same fate that “Rosie 1” did this morning. Austin did exactly the same thing Nelson did. He fed Rock before he went to bed and forgot the water. You wouldn’t think they would dry up so fast. You also wouldn’t think my kids would think if they put him back in water he would come back. They did, and Rock puffed back up, just like a sponge. Close, but no banana. I got to flush Rock when I got home from work.


Mocha said...

I got to flush Rock when I got home from work.

That sentence could stand alone but then people would think you were describing your fecal matters and naming it "Rock". That's almost as good as what it really means.

Malathionman said...

Kelly- Oh yeah, I flushed the frog too.

Miranda said...

So sad... and totally gross.

Nope, no fantasy hockey for me. I just never could get into all that. And, hey, you might really wish you had Setoguchi or Mitchell on your team!

Leucantha` said...

Oh that Mocah, I wouldn't have thought of that.
Biology lesson with humor, I like that.

qofd said...

Oh man... poor hapless Nelson. I love the bit about the dogs not coming to their name anymore.

So, how did your kids take the passing of Rock?

vent8r said...

I always learn so much here....

Tammie Jean said...

Remind me never to get a frog or a toad... it would most likely meet the same unfortunate fate. If the animal doesn't have the ability to remind me to feed it (like the dogs do) it must be able to fend for itself for a few days.

Patty O said...

Well, A-Rod isn't going to the Angels now. They could do a deal for Miguel Cabrera of the Marlins I guess. Or they could go for Lowell too. I'm still not sure whether he'll re-sign.

Patty O said...

Well, I have a dog, and I'd say he's probably easier to take care of in that I don't have to put him in water every night. All I have to do is make sure to scoop up his crap from the grass every day. Wait a minute, maybe putting a frog in water is easier!

Anyway, congrats on the Torii Hunter deal. I don't think anyone saw the Angels signing him, and I bet Kenny Williams of the White Sox is pissed right now.