Sunday, February 10, 2008

Glad I Asked

My youngest, Alissa had her first boyfriend early last week. Christopher asked her to be his girlfriend at the beginning of the school day. Alissa said yes. By the end of the day the romance was over, they were splintsvile. Stupid Christopher.

That whole chain of events has sparked a new type of relationship between her and my wife. I really shouldn’t say “new”. Maybe saying their relationship has “matured” would be a better way to put it.

Sherri has taken on the role of “girlfriend” as well as mother.

When will I know when I’m in looovvve? Why are boys so stuuuupid? What was daddy like when you guys were boyfriend and girlfriend? All things I’m not supposed to know about. It’s all very cute. Sherri loves it. It’s great that she is getting the chance to do these kinds of things with Alissa instead of all of the drama she has had to deal with from our oldest Sarah. I’m sure Sarah was capable of being this cute at this age, but we never saw it. It has made it tougher to feel the same attachment towards Sarah.

Alissa is now only 2 years younger than Sarah was when we brought them into our home. I can’t see Alissa maturing enough in the next 2 years to be anywhere near Sarah’s maturity level at 9 years old. That’s a good thing. Sarah was the head of that household when the county took them away from their birthmother. She really hasn’t let that go.

Alissa and I were driving home from her basketball practice the other night. She now had some questions for me.

Daddy when did you know you were in love with mommy?
I was in love with her at first sight, I just didn’t know it or act like it.
That’s kind of what mommy said.
Oh really? What exactly did mommy say?
Mommy said you acted like a punk when she first met you.
Nice, glad I asked.


Elizabeth said...

Isn't it cute how love matures as you get older? I'm so glad to leave that fluff n stuff sappy love crap behind years ago. It's like stale bread. ;)

Guinevere said...

Yeah. Never ask unless you're sure you're ready for the answer. LOL TOOOOOO cute!

ventl8r said...

Thanks for the laughs, Tom, both here and on the caption. Of which you won hands. Down! GAWD that funny! I really needed that!

Lori said...

Sounds like a lot of blossoming is happening at your house!

Miranda said...


Tell Alissa to let me know what she finds out about "why boys are so stuuuuupid". I'm still trying to figure that one out.


Leucantha` said...

I am more interested in why your wife thinks boys are sooo stupid. ; ) Punk is apparently attractive you are still together.

ventl8r said...

My guesses are:

"Who Farted?"
"That was a juicy one. Are my pants full or not?"
"What animal noise am I making?" Thought that last one I really don't want to think about if you're involved. ;-)

Malathionman said...

Kristi- You betcha!

ventl8r said...

I was also thinking, "Can I fit this in my mouth?" but thought better of it. ;-)

DC said...

That is so sweet. And cute. No wonder your wife is loving it. I wonder how much your daughter is picking up about how men should treat her from your exchange? Isn't it interesting to always think about how they perceive you and use your actions as a roadmap for their own?

...but it makes me sad about Sarah. No kid should have been put in the position her birthmother put her in.

Kelli said...

Ahhh kids say the funniest things......