Friday, February 1, 2008

No Cannonball Run

One of the fond memories I have about being a kid in the 70’s was going to the drive-in movies with my parents. We would pack a dinner and desert. This usually was fried chicken, potato salad, and some sort of pie or cake. We would get there a little early so we could play in the playground while mom and dad would set up the picnic dinner.

We would also pack blankets and pillows. We usually went in the summer. This would mean that the movies started late because of daylight savings. There was always a double feature. My sister and I would normally fall asleep before the end of the second movie.

While I was at work earlier this week I saw something that reminded me of the last double feature I saw with my parents before they got divorced; The Bad News Bears and The Gumball Rally. What I saw was a Shelby Cobra.

The Cobra was one of the featured cars in The Gumball Rally. It is also one of the better cars in Gran Turismo. I play a lot of Gran Turismo with my son Austin. I drive the Cobra because it kicks ass and I remember it from my childhood. It reminds about one of the few things my family did as a family when I was a kid.

Its funny what things we choose to remember about our childhoods.


Elizabeth said...

Ooooh... vroom vroom! Nice wheels!

Leucantha` said...

That is a cool car. I don't recall Gumball Rally. Might have to check that out for fun. I am working on my video game skills again but with Lego Star Wars. Z is obsessed.

I remember going to the drive in too. There is one in the next town, we meant to check it out last summer. Maybe I can give my kids a non-dysfunctional memory too. ; )

Anonymous said...

It's also amazing how seeing something can spark an entire string of memories too. Nice blog.