Saturday, March 15, 2008

I should have taken a picture...

… but there is already too much shit on the internet.

My daughter Alissa likes to make every living thing she finds her pet. This took place earlier this week.

Daddy I found a fly!
That’s nice sweetheart.
I’ve named it Rainbow.
Why have you given it a name?
It’s my pet fly.
No its not.
Yes it is. I’ve made a home for it and everything!
That home better not be in the house.
Sad face, Its in my room.
What are you keeping it in?
A jar.
You can’t keep it, but if you bring it here we will set it free in the backyard.
But Daaaad!
No buts, just go get it.

A few minutes later.

Here it is Daddy.
Alissa, what is that in your jar?
No, the other thing.
You have been keeping a jar of pooh in your room?
Just today.
Don’t tell your mom.


Elizabeth said...

Your daughter's a jem! That's the sort of thing my girls would do. Except the poo part.
I hope.

Chris said...

Been watching "A Bug's Life", I see.

If Alissa and Em (my budding pet freak) ever became friends, I'd hate to see what would get stored in a jar...

Great post, man!

Leucantha` said...

As an entomologist I am proud of Alissa. However, I am constantly amazed how you manage to work poo into an entry. You my friend are a master scatologist.

Miranda said...

At least it was a jar. My sister used to keep her "friends" in a locket around her neck to keep them close. Every morning she'd be sad that they'd died and would go find a new moth friend.

It was funny, but we shared a room and I found the pile of dead bugs really gross.

Steph said...

OMG, is this what I have to look forward to? That's it. I'm selling my children.

Malathionman said...

Elizabeth- You never know, pooh is always possible.

Chris- We should arange a play date. They can use your silverware for collecting "stuff."

Nora- Maybe I should say frass instead of pooh.

Miranda- The drama whenever one of the "pets" croaks is pretty deep too.

Steph- I can't believe little bit of pooh is going gross you out. You ARE the one who wants to play with dead things.

Guinevere said...

LOL That is GREAT! lol A pet fly...? lol Classic stuff!

Leucantha` said...

Same old frass different day as I say.

Aynde said...


It amazes me how earnest kids are about the craziest things. Like pet flies and pooh in a jar.

-S. said...

I just find this hilarious. Of course it wasn't my child with the pooh....LOL