Friday, June 6, 2008

Its (I'm) Not Unusual

All of us have them, guilty pleasures. Guilty pleasures are things we like to eat, watch, listen to, or do, that may not be considered mainstream. Something you may not share with someone until you get to know him or her better. I have lots of them. And as I get older I have come to realize that it is silly not to share fun, quirky, things about yourself, it makes you more enjoyable to be around. Who really likes that quiet dude that just keeps to himself? Sure there may be some laughs at your expense, but it will pay dividends in the end.

Today I am going to share one of my guilty pleasures. In the future I may share some more. Feel free to make fun or share.

I grew up in the 70’s and 80’s. There was a lot of great music in the 70’s and 80’s, or at least I think so. But there is one guy I secretly listen to. Tom Jones. I actually have a Tom Jones play list in my Rhapsody library.

When I was a kid I remember my mom watching This Is Tom Jones every week. I think this show was so hilarious, the Vegas-style singing, the ladies throwing under garments on stage, cheesy skits; it was total 70’s. Only Tom Jones could pull that routine off and get away with it.

I dig that even today he is doing the same thing he did back then. I also think it is cool that many younger artist have done work with him. It’s a sign of respect for the work that has done in the past, and proof that he is still cool.

One of my favorite Tom Jones appearances is in the movie Mars Attacks. It is a small cameo towards the end and I believe he has the final scene. I really liked Mars Attacks; it’s not a movie people mention when they talk about Tim Burton films.

So there it is; I have a man crush on Tom Jones, not Tommy Lee Jones, whom I think is cool too, and if you think about it he does have the same name.

Hopefully you are reading this from Wear Gloves and Protective Eyewear, and not from your Google Reader, so that you can enjoy the macho goodness that is Tom Jones.


White Hot Magik said...

Your post makes me wonder a few things. including whenever you or I ever kept embarrassing things to ourselves.

I promise not to make fun of you today. Tom Jones is cool, and I do love Mars Attack. NGyaah

Stacy said...

I am so busted....I was reading through my google reader. But had to come over after I got "busted". LOL

I agree with whm - do you ever keep anything to yourself? hehe

BTW my friends loved the story of your employee with the ..ah..bowel problems. :p

Hyperher said...

Tom Jones is Welsh, and every Welsh person I have met is very weird and wonderful (this includes people of Welsh descent, like my spouse). They have funky accents and a real independent spirit.

Some of my guilty pleasures include Tesla, Neil Diamond and Swedish Fish.

Malathionman said...

Nora-Ack! Ack!

Stacy-I'm sure all your friends have clean undies.

Sarah-I'm OK with the Tesla and Neil Diamond. Not too sure about those Swedish Fish. :)

Patty O said...

UGHHH, you like Tom Jones!!! I'm not reading YOUR blog anymore!!! Freak!

I'm kidding, of course. So how are those Halos doing? I think they're in first place, right?

Malathionman said...

Patty O-
It's looking like the Angels are going to end up seeing one of the Sox's again.

You NEED to read this blog. Young guys like you need culture!

Patty O said...

"I am Legend" was a little overhyped I think, but it was okay.

Guinevere said...

Oh man...'Mars Attacks' is one of hubby's faves. Hmmmm...not I REALLY wonder about you! lol

Oh, and yes, he hogs the bathroom.

And, oh, yes, I sew. lol I figured I should get your questions. lol

Have a good one!

Elizabeth said...

I find it frightening that I've had It's Not Unusual in my head for the past two days.

Malathionman said...


I guess that means you have been thinking of me for a couple of days! I always knew that about you, I'm touched. :)

Hyperher said...

His version of "Burning Down the House" is pretty fab!

Elizabeth said...

I've only ever had x rays done on them prior to this next appointment. That Dr has since retired so I have no idea what became of those films. It would be an interesting comparison.

Elizabeth said...

Happy Father's Day! Have a great one!

Rigel said...

Thanks for the marital encouragement! Peace! -Rigel

Mominator said...

Tom Jones dude? That is just sad.

Aynde said...

The other day I was trying to calm a fussy baby (2 months). I tried rocking and lullaby singing. Not much was working. So I just started rocking him and singing what's new pussycat". Worked like a charm. *laughs* Dancing and singing It's Not Unusual is also very effective. :D