Monday, July 21, 2008

The Difference a Dollar Can Make

Summer is a very expensive time for the Malathionman household. The electric bills are usually over $400 dollars a month and we need to pay for daycare since the kids are out of school. We had a great inexpensive sitter set up for the summer but her husband died in a car accident a few weeks ago. So we had to do find someone to watch the little angels real quick.

I was ready to ask one of the guys hanging out at Circle K if they wanted to make a few bucks, when one of the ladies at work said her 19-year-old daughter wouldn’t mind watching my kids. Her daughter Nylet had applied for a job at my golf course earlier this year and didn’t make much of an impression on me then, but she didn’t make a bad impression, so she was in. She would get $8.00 an hour; work 9:00 am to 2:00 pm, 3 to 4 days a week. I would even give her a ride home if she needed, because she did not have a car.

Nylet did fine the first week. The house wasn’t too messed up when I got home. The kids were alive. The dogs were too. I was pleasantly surprised.

Week two didn’t start off very good. When I arrived at work at 5:00 am I said good morning to Nylet’s mom and asked if everything was a “go” for Nylet to be at my house later that morning. She looked at me kind of funny as said, “Yes!” I knew that was a big fat NO but decided to let it play out. Sure enough I got a call from Sherri a couple of hours later. Nylet had forgotten about babysitting and was stuck at her friend’s house without a car. My wife, who was just stepping into the shower and had to be at work by 9:30 was tickled pink about the situation and told me, “You hired her, you handle it.” I did, but it was a pain in the ass and I wasn’t very happy with Nylet.

The rest of the week was OK. Nylet showed up like she was supposed to. The house was OK, but definitely NOT as nice as week before. I had to drive her home everyday, which sucked. And the kids kind of whined about Nylet not going outside to play with them. She said it was too hot. This is coming from the girl who wanted to get a job working landscape on my golf course. I didn’t like the direction this “work” relationship was headed, and I didn’t want to tell Nylet’s mom her daughter was a sloth, but I kind of think she already knows it.

The next week Sherri was off, so we didn’t need a babysitter. We simply told Nylet we would call her when we needed her. We would try to find someone better the week Sherri was off, and we did. We will use Nylet when the new girl is unavailable.

The beautiful and angelic Caroline is the 20-year-old daughter of one of Sherri’s employees. She is home for the summer from college. As you can tell we love her. For $9.00 an hour Caroline drives her own car to my house. She also uses that car to take the kids to the movies, swimming, and to the park.

When I come home from work the house is always immaculate. Instead of her ass planted on the couch watching TV, feeding her face while the kids are in the other room, maybe I won’t be using Nylet again, Caroline is doing something with the kids.

I also think Austin is in LOVE. I understand. She is pretty cute, she gives him attention, and he is a 12-year-old boy.

Last night he asked me to try out a new racetrack he had made on the Playstation. I laughed when I saw the name of the track. It was called “Caroline.” I HAD to point out the name and start teasing him about it. While he emphatically denies any feelings for his new babysitter I hear a voice in the hall, “Austin and Caroline sitting in a tree...” Austin had to stop and address the instigator, “MOM!”


Guinevere said...

LOL Poor Austin...having to put up with such relentless teasing! lol I know the babysitter dilemma...ugh. So glad those days are over.

Miranda said...

I am so not looking forward to figuring out daycare. What a headache!

Malathionman said...

Miranda- Aren't you going to quit your job and become a stay at home mommy blogger?

Guinevere- I've tried to cut back the teasing and smartass remarks(really hard for this guy) the littlest is getting to good at it.

White Hot Magik said...

Dude! I know you are going to make fun of me and you should after this post. I have been watching a couple of kids for a coworker of my moms. Easy going easy to take care of. She was going to pay me $6 an hour, after handing me twenty bucks for an afternoon, which seemed like too much I told her to cut in half. So I am go for $3 an hour. I am a sucker mom. Oh and we are making goop today, is your sitter doing that? LOL. Actually they are really easy kids to take care of, they live on a ranch and are pretty self sufficient.

Stacy said...

$9/hour. Holy Moly. I don't make much more than that in the office. Perhaps I should rethink this going back to work thing. I am more in line with WHM and the whole $3/hour thing.

Elizabeth said...

Man... I totally babysat in the wrong era.

Miranda said...

When I was a nanny I made $11/hr. That's nothing for the area I live in, but still pretty sweet considering. I was an awesome nanny.

You're bday is 2/25?!? We're secretly hoping it ends up being that day. Everything big for us as a couple happened on a 25th (met 7/25/02, engaged 3/25/05, married 1/25/06, conceived (TMI?) 5/25/08). I think my family is going to get a betting pool going. :P

Steph said...

How cute is that?

I can totally relate to your babysitting woes. We had to let one sitter go when she would call in the middle of whatever it was my husband and I were doing to say stuff like "Hey, I just got a call from one of my friends and I need to go now, can you come home?"

Whatever. Glad you found Caroline!