Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Mr. Popularity

Remember this little guy? Ernie was a Christmas present to the wife and kids. But he also has another job. He “works” with me at the golf course.

Last winter we had a problem with migratory coots. Hundreds of these coots try to make MVCC their home for the winter. They are a huge problem. All they do is eat our newly seeded grass and crap all over the place. The members wanted the coots to go away. When you buy a membership for $80,000 and pay monthly dues of $850 you don’t want to have to putt through bird shit.

Nelson thought getting a “bird chasing“ dog for the golf course would help, but he didn’t want to take care of one.

Sherri wanted a Labrador retriever, but she didn’t think we had a large enough yard to accommodate such an energetic dog.

Like peanut butter and chocolate, the my two problems turned into an unbeatable combination. Both my family and the members at MVCC love Ernie. Sometimes I think more than me. When I get home from work, “ERNIE! YOU’RE HOME! Oh, hey dad.”
When Ernie is with me in my cart members will stop me, “How is Ernie today?” God forbid they ask how I am. That’s OK; I love the BIG guy too.

One of our fertilizer vendors has asked local golf courses with dogs to submit pictures for their 2009 calendar. So I am going to send in a picture of Ernie. I thought I would post the three that I have narrowed it down to and let you guys, “The Cult of Malathion” help me decide.




This may be my favorite, but I'm not sure it is "calendar" material.


Aynde said...

Yay Doggie!! I want one!

I vote for b and c. :D

White Hot Magik said...

"like peanut butter and chocolate"
"malathionman cult"
Very good, although I am not drinking the kool aid or eating the candy.

I like 4, D or whatever and cannot figure out why you don't think it is calender worthy. I am just surprised you didn't make Ernie wear a speedo for the calender shoot.

Stacy said...

I love "C". Looks like he is watching his "yard". Sure hope he makes it into the calendar. And if he does, remember your friends that need calendars. LOL

VENTL8R said...

A and C are my vote(s).

Malathionman said...

Come on Norrraa, peanut butter and chocolate, you know you want it.

In picture A he didn't like me pointing the camera at him. It really spooked him. He started running to avoid me pointing it at him.

Elizabeth said...

I'm no help at this point cause I like all of the photos you put up. Which one are you going to go with? Ernie is sooo adorable!!

Malathionman said...

They accepted A,B,and C. I was under the impression I might get 2 in. Don't know if he is in the calander or not. They said they wanted upclose working shots.

Hyperher said...

Damn, I'm too late? I love c and d. What a magnificent beast!

Steph said...

I like all the photos, but if I had to pick a favorite then the one of Ernie in the water hazard is quite good and calendar-worthy.

Let us know when the calendar comes out!