Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I Could Just Lock the Door

My youngest Alissa has been spending too many nights sleeping in my room. She will start in her room, but usually ends up finishing the night on the floor next our bed.

She has been asking us if we would let her do a sleep over at her friend Kylie’s house. We have been reluctant to give her our blessing because she has had such a hard time getting through the entire night without our company.

Alissa is also very concerned that Austin has got to sleep over at his friend’s house a lot this summer. She doesn’t think it is fair that he should have more fun than her.

This is a discussion I had with her in the car last week.

Daddy can I talk to you about something?
Sure, what’s up?
I really want to spend the night a Kylie’s house.
You know how your mother and I feel about that.
Yeah but I don’t think you guys have thought this out.
If Austin stays at Jake’s tonight and I stay at Kylie’s, you and mommy can have privacy.
What do you mean privacy?
You know...
No I don’t. Yes I do, but this is too much fun.
...You can kiss!
Awww man that’s gross!
Honey, I have a cold. Mom won’t kiss me. Maybe next week.


Guinevere said...

LOL Kids are great!

Elizabeth said...

Bwahahahaha! That was brilliant!

Hyperher said...

You are raising a considerate child! One great thing about being childless is the ability to have sex whenever we like. The dogs don't care. As long as they are getting 2 hots and a cot and a pat here and there, there is no complaining!

Malathionman said...

Who knows Sarah, maybe all that sex will catch up you!

Chris said...

I can still remember the preacher kid describing the "Charlie Pride" moments as he remembered it from the talk with his parents. Could not believe it, but I walked nearly a mile out of my way to get the whole scoop! Sounds like that time is right around the corner for you.

We talked about "closing the door" the other day at lunch. That's always been our policy. One of the guys didn't and had his daughter come up and put her hand on his back while things were progressing. Needless to say things didn't go any further.