Monday, August 25, 2008

Orville Would Not Approve

It is always a good idea to take an extra day of vacation just for putting things back together after the trip. And I did just that. We got home late yesterday and just chilled the rest of the day. Today we emptied and returned the rental car. We also did a ton of laundry and unpacking. It has taken most of the day and I don’t have too much time to compose one of my normally brilliant posts. But I do have time to share a little snippet from the vacation courtesy of Austin.

One of the hard things to arrange on our trip was a motel that allowed pets. We decided to bring Ernie along for the ride. We only needed the room for one night. The rest of the trip will be spent at our friends cabin at Donner Lake. You can probably guess what kind of place we had to stay at. Mandalay Bay? Nope. Holliday Inn? Nice try. How about the Vagabond Inn? YES!

This place was nnniiiicce. Austin thought the Vagabond Inn was very cool. As he was checking out the bathroom he declared his love for the place, “Dad! Check out the toilet paper! It’s folded like a fan! Hey look, they even left us bags for our popcorn!”


Hyperher said...

I was always fascinated with bathrooms as a kid, so I can relate to Austin.

Welcome back! Did the package arrive?

Chris said...

I can SO see my son saying the same thing. Only he'd come out of the bathroom with one of the bags open ready to have some.

Never again will I be able to see a bag of popcorn and not think of this story.

Malathionman said...

Chris- Hopefully when you are in a dark movie theatre and you reach into that bag of hot buttered popcorn you don't think of it. I can't believe I said that.

Sarah- Ssshhh! That package is supposed to be our secret!

White Hot Magik said...

Now I will not be able to enjoy popcorn and the movies. My waistline thanks you and my wallet too.

Elizabeth said...

Folded TP is surely now going to become The Next Big Thing.