Thursday, October 9, 2008

Pink Puppy Training

Coaching my daughter’s soccer team has been ... different. Any coaching I have done in the past has not been for little girls. I would have used the term “little girl” to motivate teams that I have coached in the past.

Coaching girls is different, but my toughest problem has nothing to do with gender. Amanda and Dorian, the identical twin sisters are my biggest challenge. It is bad enough telling them apart, but these girls are wild animals. Any lapse in action during practice results in hair pulling, cartwheels, or somersaults.

I played soccer in elementary school and all the through high school. I know how to play the game. I also know talent, and these girls are pretty good.

I enjoy coaching, and I really enjoy coaching players.

Besides Alissa, my favorite player is a little girl named Malia. She is the smallest player on the team, but she has big game. It’s not that she has the most talent; she just plays harder than anyone else. Its like she is playing with a chip on her shoulder, trying to make up for her size.

This may sound bad but I do have a least favorite player. I won’t say her name but this sweetheart really pushes my buttons. This pink puppy likes to correct me. I don’t know many adults that like to be corrected by an eight year old.

“Amanda, I want you to take the corner kick.”
“Excuse me coach but that’s Dorian.”
“Is that right Amanda? Are you Dorian?”
Giggle, giggle, giggle, “Yes.”
“Told you.”
“You sure did. Why don’t you go take a lap.”


Guinevere said...

LOL I have the same problem with the girls I teach on Wed. nights at church. There's one that, if I let one single second lapse, she'll be down on the floor rolling around or up running around, waving her arms and singing at the top of her lungs! lol And the funniest part is her name: Patience. God knows how to play practical jokes too. lol

Tara@From Dawn Till Rusk said...

Eek! My heart just went all aflutter when I read that because my son can be just like that.
At nursery he used to correct his carers' speech and grammar and right now there is probably some rugby coach somewhere saying "I have a least favourite player . . . "

Elizabeth said...

I want Emily to play soccer soooo baaaad. That child loves to run in fits and starts... helloooo! Perfect for soccer!
But on second thought... she might just be the type of child who feels the need to correct someone. Or put her two cents in. ;)

Malathionman said...

Guinevere- Isn't there a Patience in Chris' house, is it his wife?

Tara- Does he have to run a lot of laps or do a bunch of push ups?

Elizabeth/Tara- OK, maybe I should make this clear. THEY are ALL favorites, which is good. This girl is just on the bottom of the GOOD list! Man, I knew some mom was going give me grief when I said that. :)

Liz said...

Haha! Aren't kids great. :)


Dave said...

You see this is where they start learning to manipulate men. It starts early and never finishes. Sigh.