Sunday, November 19, 2006

Noah Drake

One of the nice things about living near Indian casino's is all of the entertainment that stops by. It is cool, but kind of sad. Most of the hot groups from my adolescence seem to make the rounds through the Coachella Valley. Styxx, Cheap Trick, Billy Squire, they have all been here the last year. These guys are now pushing 55 and are still, what it seems like, living in the past, or they mismanaged their money and have to do these small-time gigs to get by.

The most recent 80's rocker to stop by the Palm Springs area was Rick Springfield. This brought back all sorts of childhood memories.

It is now time to make a confession. I watched General Hospital back then. It doesn't seem very manly now, but everyone at school watched GH. That whole Luke and Laura thing was going on. The Casadine's had that "weather machine". Demi Moore was just starting out (if I remember right, she had a mustache and no boobs at the time). And there was the doctor all the chicks wanted, Noah Drake (Rick Springfield).

It must have been hard to be taken seriously as a musician when he was acting on a soap opera. No wonder he left GH so quickly. I really enjoyed "Working Class Dog". It was probably one of the better albums at that time.

While driving around town with my son, the "retro lunch show" came on the radio. "I've Done Everything For You" came on, so I cranked it. My son even liked it. It is just a shame that the stuff I like, is now is considered to be "retro". :(


Mocha said...

*Takes a pin


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itchick said...

Nice new blog! Very clean and loads quickly. Oh and the color scheme? Love it.

Guinevere said...

Ha! Found you! ;o)

I too watched GH back then...and, yes, loved Dr. Noah Drake. sigh And always wondered what he ever saw in Bobbi Spencer. lol Don't forget, John Stamos started out on GH too...Blackie Parrish. Oooooooh, I was really into Blackie. (Bad boy thing)

You brought back some memories with this one, dude. :o)

Mominator said...

nice job! looks great man! I hate the fact I can't get windows live writer to post on blogger and msn. If you know the secret, divulge it or die.

Coachella... the future dr. cara on msn could talk of nothing else all summer with depeche mode paying a visit there. I was so glad when it was over. never fond of them.

: ) Sue