Saturday, December 9, 2006

Come On Now...

... He is starting to sew! My wife doesn't sew!
Alissa got a sewing kit. She wanted to repair some of the stuft animals that Splinter had chewed up. She didn’t know what to do, so I had to get her started. It's a good thing I've seen Rambo: First Blood, I stitch up all my cuts!
Here comes Austin, "What are you guys doing?"
Alissa, "Sewing, wanna try?"
Austin, "Yeah!"
Me, "Great."
The kids sewed up every "Splinterized" animal in the house. This was cool; I actually got to watch almost an entire movie without interruption. When they were done with the animals, Austin repaired a pair of shorts that he had ripped. This kind of spooked me; I think he can actually wear them now.
Next day:
Austin, "Dad, did you ever sew when you were a kid?"
Me, "Nope."
Austin, "Boys sew, right?"
Me, "...................................................... right."
Austin, "Cool, I like to sew."
Me, "That's nice."


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Leucantha` said...

Hey, I got a little chemical on me when I dropped in, it's got a low mammalian toxicity right? I hate to become a freak like those guys that get Malathion all over them.

Don't worry they won't turn Austin into a girl, he's at the age he'll do stuff with them, enjoy it, he will be a surly teenager soon enough. -- wearing eyeliner to annoy you. You are going to throw this curse back at me, I have two boys. Oh no, I take it back, no eyeliner for him ever. ; ) Nora