Tuesday, December 5, 2006

That's So Cute, I Guess.

A friend of the family gave Alissa an early birthday gift yesterday. It is one of those gifts that if you are the parent of the child getting that gift, you might want to kill the giver.
Alissa got
this. It is the Bella Dancerella Cheerleader Studio! Now I get to listen to the same annoying cheers over and over again! Put it together girls and do it with spirit!

B.E.L.L.A., B.E.L.L.A., Bella Bella all the way!
Hey, go Bella, shake it up, go Bella!
Hey! Hey! Bella fans, yell it out and rock the stands

It is really cute. Watching Alissa in front of the TV doing her "routine" is adorable. I have to sneek a peek because she doesn't want me to watch. She doesn't understand that cheerleaders do this kind of thing IN FRONT of people. What's not so cute is my son Austin doing the "routine" with her. I'm signing him up for baseball A.S.A.P.!

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Mominator said...

OMG! Has Catholic Mom heard the news? She is the cheerleading queen you know! Your son.... tsk, tsk.. first cheerleading, then sewing. I think you better rush the sign up.

what a blast you're having. Enjoy it Tom. Enjoy every second.

Sue :)