Tuesday, December 19, 2006


I'm a big wuss. This hernia repair job hurts like hell!!! I don't know how these women who have c-sections get around so quickly. Good thing I have plenty of vicodin! I have been kicking back watching movies on vicodin all day. "Lucky Number Sleven" and "Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang". Pretty good movies, K.K.B.B. made me laugh too much though. Maybe I'll do most of my blogging on vicodin this week. I'm sure Nicole Richie would approve.


Mominator said...

Never laugh after your belly has been cut! Too painful. Must watch sad movies, drippy, chick flicks for the next week or so. Please give reviews.

Glad you survived surgery! Enjoy the Vicodin Holiday!

Sue : )

Leucantha` said...

I cannot relate, never had my belly cut thankfully. This is why when you get those belly button rings, you have to take care of them. You golf course guys are soo crazy!

As a side note, I never said anything unseemly happened in that truck, only that it had a bed and therefore qualified for use of my mother's gift money. ; )