Saturday, February 17, 2007


OK, I was thinking about my last entry, and think I have more to say! This time about the one time I was on the receiving end of a comment that I wasn’t too sure about. This happened about a month ago. It came from one of the millions of bloggers that like to incorporate coffee into their screen name.

This is the comment, Okay, very cool name....bitchin' Tagline, too!! Now about the rest...please kick it up a few notches or pull the plug.

My skin is pretty thick, so the comment itself didn’t really bother me. I was just curious how he would like me to kick it up a notch, so I visited his site. His site had no entries, just the usual intro to a new site, but he did have a few comments. Mostly from people he had pissed off. I wasn’t going to go down that route. I will just wait a few days and see what is so special about his site.

I just got around to that tonight. This coffee drinking pie hole has gone private. WTF is that? Dude goes around dogging everyone’s site, but doesn’t have the gonads to be open to the same criticism? Not very good bletiquette…blog etiquette.

Which brings me to some new questions.

Is it really a cool screen name? Or does the picture and name take a while to get used to?

Mocha Momma asked me to take off the costume once. I do have a few pictures of me floating around on my sites, so its not like I’m hiding behind the mask, but maybe the mask should disappear.

I know some bloggers make it a point not to post pictures of themselves. That’s cool, I understand, but I like to put a face on the friends I have made on-line.


Natalie said...

I first saw your name over at Nora's place (Leucantha)and I wondered about it. I actually went to Wikipedia and looked up malathion. Nasty stuff. I guess it's great for head
Then I thought it was all about insecticide so I thought it was funny that you were at the landscapers place... talkin' "stuff" and being funny.
Then... I read your blogs and found you to be funny, articulate, and I finally figured out the reference. I think it's a great name especially considering where it came from.
I mean, look at me: what in the hell is a barking quark? lol
When people stop by and leave me comments criticizing my blog, I then, just like you, go to theirs. If it is constructive criticism, I'll take it in stride. If it's just some jerk-off trying to stir things up, I delete 'em and forget 'em.
There are a lot of those kinds of f*cknuts especially on Spaces. That's one of the reason I haven't linked all of my blogs...
I always visit the ppl who visit me and take the time to leave a comment. Others, well, I may read them or not... depends.
So, like I said in the last comment: "Go on with yer bad self!"
Enjoy your Sunday while you're at it.

Herself said...

I wonder if it was some sort of spam. I've become completely paranoid when I get random comments or e-mails, because you just never know.

I like that you can be yourself when blogging, so I tend to write snarky comments back at the people who write meaningless shit to me. That's my way of sticking 2 fingers up.

Happy presidents's day!

Leucantha` said...

Who knows what nuts like that are thinking. Obviously some people can only feel good about themselves when they run down others.

I think the MalathionMan thing is cool. I mean not everyone was in a low budget horrer flick, and you explain it.

Now let's get to the important stuff.... Mocha asked you take off your mask??? Did that make you feel special?

Malathionman said...

Nat,HS,Mexican Sage- I have met all three of you by leaving comments on your sites, and I visit each of your sites for different reasons. Natalie I believe I made a conection with you because you were interviewing at Home Depot. So I can relate to the retail references. As I visited more I found that we had other things in common, I believe both our fathers were policemen, and we both raise children that are not biologically ours. "Herself" I think this is the first time you have commented here, better wash your hands. Actually we have commented back and forth on your site. You like a lot of the same music and movies that I like. I always like to see what you have been listening to and watching. Luecantha, you and I made that work related connection, you are IPM and I spray the crap out of everything. You guys are all great and make my blogging experience worth the effort.

Malathionman said...

Nora- Mocha asked you take off your mask??? Did that make you feel special? Kelly always makes me feel special. Whenever we chat I feel like I'm at least number 22 of the 222 contacts that she must have from her blog. It's really a lot of fun to chat with her. It's usually about 45 minutes of insults and name calling, great stuff!

karoli said...

I'm not much of a snappy commenter. It seems as though I suffer the same syndome "onblog" as I do "inperson" -- I stutter over a snappy comeback until about 2AM when I'm falling asleep. THEN it comes to me in a flash.

When you left your comment on my blog, I loved your handle so much that I had to see your blog. It didn't disappoint, so I subscribed.

Keep the costume and the handle -- they're workin' for ya.

As for the private blog guy, what do you wanna bet there was content scraping going on there that was reported? That's usually the case.