Monday, February 19, 2007

Stupid Kids

Kids are so stupid. They can say the dumbest things. I sometimes wonder why I just can’t take them back to the store and exchange them for a good set of steak knives. :)

Last night Sherri, Alissa and I went to the movies. Sherri forced me to go see “Because I Said So”; it won’t make my
“Chick Flicks I’ll Admit To Liking” list. While driving there the girls wanted to know what I wanted to do for my birthday. I jokingly responded by saying that I didn’t want to do anything. Sherri told Alissa I was upset that I was getting old. My darling daughter says, “ Daddy don’t be sad, 43 is almost 100 and you are not even dead yet!”


Chris said...

I'd be lucky to get steak knives. Probably more like a spork from KFC...

Thanks for the heads up on "Because I Said So". I watched (or at least had on) "Hitch" 3 times this last week. Will Smith and Kevin James are hilarious together!

Has the birthday come, my twin brother from a different mother? If so, sorry I missed it! Hope it was great...even if only dirt is older :)

Natalie said...

So, when is this special day? Mine is coming up, too.

Does this mean that not only are we (hopefully former) retail slaves, son/daughter of policemen, raising kids with someone else's DNA but acquiring our annoying habits, AND Pisces?

My mom's b-day is next week... the second and mine is the ninth.

Basically, it's just a great excuse to have both cake and raw cake batter (one of my fav's, btw.)

Man, you must be really cool to go see a chick flick like that. I would have been like, no freakin' way... and then scratched or belced or something dudified (just so I could get out of it.)
word verification is "radbaby"
I kid you not.
It's a sign... kinda like "Pisces" or "Wait Here" or "Abierto."

Natalie said...

PS to chris...

Actually, I'm older.

Malathionman said...


Chris- I think I said I was older than you on your birthday post, but now that I look at my birth date I think we are the same age! Maybe we are seperated at birth!

Natalie- Actually Sherri is the cool one. She probably sees 5 kung fu, scary monster, ball scratch'n guy flicks to her one chick flick. As far as "Because I said So" goes, she didn't even like it that much. As far as "Chick Flicks" go, a good movie is a good movie, no mater what the genre. Same goes for music. I'm not so about art though.