Friday, March 30, 2007

No Time To Poop

This past week I have been beyond busy.

1. I had 4 different fantasy baseball drafts. One was at my house. That means cleaning up the house so that my guests believe I only have 3 kids instead of the 12 that seem to leave their shit all over the place. I’m not complaining though; draft time is just about as good as Christmas to me.

2. Had a death in the family. My wife’s grandmother passed away. She was 96. She was the first one in Sherri’s family who really like me. Smart lady. Sherri is in Missouri for the funeral. I’m home with the kids juggling work, kid’s school, little league, and going door to door handing out Watchtowers. (One of those is not true)

And lastly,

3. Getting the golf course ready for it’s club championship. The days aren’t any longer, but I will work the entire week without a day off.

I’ll have a little more time to post this weekend. I’m sure the internet world will be holding it’s breath!

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Normal Every Day Life said...

Hurry back I am starting to turn blue!! :-)