Thursday, March 1, 2007

Come On, It's My Birthday!

Last Sunday was my birthday. We had a little celebration at home, and then we went out with the entire family to dinner at a place called BJ’s Brew House. It was a lot of fun. I had a huge plate of fish and chips with some of BJ’s finest brew. Sherri ordered a burger that was served on a steak roll. It looked really good. I said, ”Wow, that looks really good! What kind of burger is that?” She replied, “ It’s a BJ burger.” Being the pig that I am replied, “ Hey its my birthday, I should get a BJ burger!” Giving me the stink eye Sherri says, “ Fine, I’ll save you some.”


funkycanadiangirl said...

Laughing my head off! I thoroughly enjoyed reading the previous blog too... what were you thinking, tossing the colour-robe! No, a towel around the shoulders is not the same thing, just in case you were wondering. Even if you slip it, it falls, it twists... trust me, the robe must stay. ;)

Thank you for visiting me friend, your warmth was appreciated. I hope you are doing well. ((tight hug)). x Yvonne.

funkycanadiangirl said...

PS: Happy Belated Birthday!! (still shaking my head at the BJ Burger... lol).

(I hope you were able to blow out all the candles). *titters*

Guinevere said...

It was your birthday Sunday??? Why weren't we told? We would've brought balloons and a BIG know to hold ALL those candles!

As for the weather there: BITE ME!


Have a great weekend, Tom! :oD

Շɬɠɠ™ said...

ok - this is why i hate blogger - i just posted a very VERY clver comment with HTML tags included and hit publish and the whole &^%*(*&^^% thing went whoooooooosh and i am so mad i can't write a single funny thing now. Sheeeesh. i did leave a comment on msn - ttfn ~ tressi

Natalie said...

I always think that you should be able to eat whatever and as much of any darned thing you want... on your birthday.
Me? I would have gone for the crab and lobster but only if someone else was buyin'. lol
I really don't think you should be gettin' a stink eye on your birthday.
I hope she made up for it later.

Elizabeth said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!

Mominator said...

Dude, I'm a bad, bad girl. Happy Belated Birthday! Your birtday is a day after baby Reece's. That was a bad weekend for us here. It would have been is 1st. Sorry I wasn't around to visit and help you celebrate!

Glad you had a good birthday spent with Sherri. And yes, you are a pig.

Sue : )