Sunday, April 29, 2007

So What If They Hate America

I may not always agree with the message, but these guys rock! Rage Against The Machine reunites this weekend at the 2008 Coachella Music Festival. It is a 3-day event held at the polo grounds in Indio CA. Rage Against The Machine headlines tonight. I’m kind of going to be there.

The polo grounds are about 2 minutes from my shop. I think there is some paperwork that I need to catch up on, so I’m going in to catch it up. If I happen to hear some loud music while I’m doing it, so be it. I would have had all my work done last night, but I was too busy listening to the Red Hot Chili Peppers (yesterday’s headliner).

It has been a very entertaining weekend at the golf course too. Many of the homes are rentals, so there are lots of concertgoers on the property. Yesterday I had to wake up some girl passed out in the middle of number 16 fairway. Also, I was on the course about 5 AM today and there were 2 parties still going strong.

This weekend reminds me of a concert that I went to back in the 80’s. It was also a 3-day event. It was called The US Festival. My buddy and I camped out there all three nights. We were pretty gross by the end of the weekend, but so was everyone else. It was a great time.

The headliners for that weekend were The Clash, Van Halen, and David Bowie. The Clash pissed everyone off because they took forever to get on stage, Van Halen sucked because DLR was too drunk, but David Bowie put on a great show.

There were some other great bands on hand that weekend. Men At Work, Flock Of Seagulls, The English Beat, Missing Persons, INXS and Berlin were pretty good. The Pretenders, Oingo Boingo, The Stray Cats, and The Scorpions were very good. But the stand out of the non-headliners was U2. Bono really got the crowd going when he climbed the scaffolding of the stage and waved the Irish flag to the crowd. It was a crazy stunt; he was way up there and could have been seriously hurt.


Herself said...

It was weird to hear Rage songs at the Audioslave concert I went to. Chris Cornell didn't sing the words, but the band played the music and it rocked. You are so lucky!

Leucantha` said...

Do the perks to your job never end??? LOL! Have fun kid, one word of advice don't try to relive the glory days with the flock hairdo, even if you are by yourself, I think you will get made fun of. (I wouldn't know that from personal experience or anything.)

Aunt Mouse said...

Hiya, Kiddo!

Guess what? I made it over here! Can you believe it? I opened my shop called "Aunt Mouse's Garden". My link will show up .. I think! It's pretty new to me. But, I have you now and you're in my sights, doll! Ha!


Malathionman said...

Herself(I hate calling you that)- I hung out for about 45 minutes, they seriuosly rocked my office even about a mile away.

Nora- I didn't even mention the toppless sun bathers Saturday afternoon!

Cee-Nice to see you. Hope Blooger works out for you. Let me know if you have any questions.

Leucantha` said...

That was one funny comment. Yes, I am switching teams. I am going to me a WAHM or what the hell ever that means, don't all mom's work at home? In any case I am doing landscape design, I am working on a few projects doing irrigation right now and so far I have work to keep me busy a while and once I start advertising I think I could be too busy. So you need a side job in NM?

Queen of Dysfunction said...

Just know that I am very, very, jealous of you right now.

Tammie Jean said...

Hi Malathionman! Thanks for your recent visit to my place ;)

How cool that you get to hear the concerts from your shop. I've always loved concerts. I saw VH when they were Van Hagar. I saw Bowie back in the day, too.

This weekend I'm taking my 15 year old to The Bamboozle. Linkin Park is headlining, but there will be 30 other bands. Yeah!

Malathionman said...

Nora-WAHM ??? I guess I'm not very current with those things. I have no idea what that is.

QofD- Jealous of the free music, free golf, the US Festival, or the topless sunbathers. Did I mention I also get free lunch and as much diet coke as I can drink!

TJ-Didn't you see my dog's picture? :)

Anonymous said...

Sounds interesting.


Miranda said...

U2 is the standout band in any lineup...

Coachella didn't have much I was interested in this year, but I suppose you can't beat getting to hear it all for free without a billion people everywhere! So awesome.

Tammie Jean said...

LOL yes I see the dog's picture! Hee hee... I know some people that lay under the ceiling fan like that :)