Friday, June 8, 2007

Creamy Peaches

I don't know what "Isn't this a creamy peach?" is supposed to mean. It is just one of the four or five lines I have in Bleak Future.


Natalie said...

hahahaha! That was GREAT! Now I've got to see this movie. I love cheesy sci-fi movies that make me laugh. It looks hilarious.

The job: managing a Starbucks. I start my training next week. Can't beat the free coffee, benefits, fringes, and environment.
I am still looking for something outside of the service industry.
I'm really into reading about the law and would love to study legislative law.
We'll see what happens.
You're a real peach, you know that? Even though you give me so much shit.
Keeps me on my toes.

Leucantha` said...

Okay we may have to check that out now. I hate to buy movies though, could you forward it to me? Please? No? *I am saying FINE with my arms crossed*

I always knew you were peachy keen.

Chris said...

Thought it weird to have The Eagles as the soundtrack to "Bleak Future"...until I saw that it was in your player.

Nice catch of the head. You and Arnold should do a movie together when he's out of office.

Malathionman said...

Chris- "Head" fact- The mold of my head was used for all of the mutants in the movie. I had the biggest head, so it was used. I got to do that whole "Thriller" thing with the goop all over my head and straws up my nose so I could breathe.

Mominator said...

I LOVE IT! Gonna have to get this movie now. You look totally awesome ; ) Can't imagine it took much makeup for you.

Sue :)