Saturday, July 7, 2007

Chicken and Ribs

Can you guess what I did on the 4th? I AM the grill-master! This is the barbeque my wife gave me for Christmas. It rocks. Its called the Perfect Flame and it is sold at Lowe’s. Being an ex Home Depot guy my wife felt kind of bad buying from my old competitor, but the service was so crappy at our Home Depot she had no choice. I’m glad she did. I used to sell barbeques in the garden department, and for the money we had nothing this nice. It’s hard to get 4 burners, natural gas hook up, and stainless steel for under $450. I think this was about $425. It was also very easy to put together. If you are looking for a new barbeque, I highly recommend it.

On a side note, my daughter thinks I’m weird for taking pictures of the barbeque.

“Daddy, why are you taking pictures of your meat?”
“Uhhh no, actually I’m taking pictures of the barbeque.”
“Why are you doing…oh I know, it’s for your blooooggg.”
“Yyyeeesss it iiissss.”
“That’s silly, you blog about everything. Look, there’s a piece of dog poo. Why don’t you take a picture of that and blog about it?”

I’ll have to think about that.


Leucantha` said...

Well if it is a slow news day the dog poo picture could come in handy. Thanks for the frill envy.

Guinevere said...

Cool BBQ grill!!! M's been eyeing the new ones lately...I'll have to tell him about this one. :o)

Daughter's perceptive. Can't wait to read about the dog poo.


VENTL8R said...

Thankfully she's young enough to not realize the Freudian she made. I'm the Grill Seargent at our house mainly because hubs doesn't understand charcoal.

I'm a purist.

Queen of Dysfunction said...

My husband has barbecue envy thanks to you and your blooooooooog.

Great. Now I have to go sell my body for $425 so I can get him a new grill.

Malathionman said...

Nora-It would have to be a really SLOW day.

G-Gotta have a new Q for the new pad.

Kristi- Charcoal is hard to beat, but it is REALLY nice only having to turn on the natural gas.

QofD- There is so much I could say about that last comment, but I'll say the politically correct thing, "You could probably get a real nice grill if you did that!"

VENTL8R said...

I will agree with you on that one, the convenience of gas and the ability to grill in the winter. But the flavor can't be beat and the first grilling of the season is all the more special. And you can't smoke on a gas grill. And I smoke a LOT will my charcoal. Many a fine turkey and chops have been smoked on that direct-heat charcoal grill.

Chris said...

I got a Charbroil grill almost like yours from Lowes last year and it's awesome! Nothing like fire and meat!

And I have a whole folder full of pix for blog entries that never were. My kids ask me the same question when they see me with a camera in the house.