Monday, July 2, 2007

Malathion Induced Statements

The Malationkids always have something important to say. This week all three of them had “blog worthy” quotes.

Let’s start with the youngest, Alissa. It is always a battle to get her to eat all of her food. Half the time she asks for what’s on her plate then she says she is full and the food goes to waste. This morning she didn’t want to eat the toast that she had requested. Sherri pulled the “There are starving kids in Africa" card. Alissa’s response, “If I eat that toast will those kids stop starving?”

Next up will be the middle child, Austin. This summer we are working on his language arts skills. This book we have him working in has an exercise on metaphors. The exercise was simple; make up a metaphor for the list of words provided. Here is Austin’s metaphor for friend, “Friends are like meat and cheese, they always stick together.”

Last but not least will be the oldest Sarah. When asked about why she got in a fight this was her reply, “Bitch had it coming.” Nice.


Mocha said...

I can't decide which is my favorite comment yet, but if the starving meat and cheese bitchy comment could be combined it might signify the Second Coming of Christ.

Malathionman said...

Holy shit! It works! I sprayed on Axe deoderant body spray before I made this post. Its designed to "seduce" the ladies, and look who shows up with a comment! I bet that's why you are coming out to California. :)

Queen of Dysfunction said...

Priceless. Your kids are so kick ass, even Sarah. I understand why she can't be with you, but whenever you write about her I always think that there is definitely something worth trying to salvage there. What a pistol.

-S. said...

So sorry to hear that Sarah had a set-back. I will pray for her and all of you. You are a great dad! Don't let the bad stuff get you down.