Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Busy, Busy Bee That's Me

While I've been working on my own blog (WHICH IS FINALLY FIXED, THANK YOU TO GOD IN HEAVEN IT'S ABOUT DAMN TIME. Sorry for the "damn", God. Forgive me?) I've also been:

eating way too many fried foods
taking mediocre pictures
getting hooked on new websites
working on freshman schedules
trying to get ready for a Podcast with Kristen Chase
trying to write for BlogRhet
continuing to stir up my own corner of the blog world with issues of race and blogging
putting together a panel of women (and men!) to discuss the issues of race and blogging at next year's BlogHer conference
getting continous wedgies from sitting at my desk
working on "chair ass" at said desk
getting to know my new computer (it's black! whether it's a "he" or "she" is still up in the air)
wondering where the hell the blogging community has disappeared
clipping my toenails and leaving them here for Malation Man to clean up later
drinking my new favorite beer, Red Stripe
cutting up pears and fancy goat cheese to go with Red Stripe

What have you been doing or are all the bloggers on vacation with Malation Man? Are y'all fishing? Covering yards and houses in toilet paper?


ventl8r said...

Nope, getting ready for Mallory's debut in less than 6w, trying to avoid this gawd-awful humidity; I know you hear me on that one, Kelly. Thought Illinois has gotten socked with some pretty hefty storms here of late.

Mocha said...

You are going to totally wig my brain out whenever you say your Mallory's name because... well, you know. ;-)

I didn't shower today because I knew I'd be wet with sweat by the time I walked to my car. Ick. All kinds of disgusting gross ick with this humidity.

However! My skins looks great with the natural moisture. It's a toss up.