Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Gone Fishing

It is time for a little rest and relaxation. The family and I are going to Lake Tahoe. We took the same trip last year, but this time we are stopping in Bishop for a couple of days on the way up. I grew up doing a lot of fishing in the Bishop area, so I’m looking forward to that.

On this same trip last year I took a great picture of my son fishing. I like it so much I’m going to share it again on this blog. It may seem like a normal picture of a kid fishing on a pier, but you have to look a little closer, there is a ray of sunshine coming from his butt crack!

Anyways, while I’m gone, there will be a guest in the house. My guest is a much better writer than me. They sometimes use big words that I have to look up when I read their blog, but that’s ok; it is always a great read. I am not going to say who the blogger is. How they identify themselves is up to him or her. Enjoy the change of pace and I will see you in a couple of weeks.



Queen of Dysfunction said...

Awwww... enjoy your vacation and have fun fishing!

Does your guest blogger know what he/she is in store for them? Like, really?

Guinevere said...

I remember that pic from the first circulation! Classic! Definitely a keeper! lol

Oh, and "Dark Chocolate", eh? I don't want to know...


Patty O said...

Yeah, that was a tough series versus the Angels. I still don't think they're any better than we are though. It would be a pretty good playoff matchup if it happened.

As for the Yankees, I'm as much a paranoid New England sports fan as the next guy, so it's definitely a little troubling how well they're doing. But it hasn't been because of anything the Sox have done, and I still don't like their pitching.