Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Bloody Finger, Bloody Finger....Got A Band Aid!

Some deals are too good to be true.

Sherri was shopping at the local grocery store late in the evening. The meat department was getting ready to close when she asked for 2lbs of hamburger meat, the 15% fat kind. The butcher made her an offer, “ It’s the end of the day, do you want some 7% for $1.99 a lbs?” She thought that was great, “Alright, give me two lbs.” He responded, “I only have about 10lbs, buy the rest of it and I’ll give it to you for $1.79 a lbs.” “Deal.”

Last night we are all enjoying the spaghetti dinner Sherri had prepared when she makes an unpleasant discovery. Sherri is chewing her mouthful of food when I notice that she pulls something that is not spaghetti out of her mouth. We examine the object closely and determine that it is part of a band-aid. No one in the house has a cut, so we can only make the assumption that it came from the butcher. NASTEY! I already had finished my plate, the kids didn’t care, but that pretty much finished dinner for Sherri. The leftover spaghetti found the trashcan. The other 8 pounds of meat are still in the freezer, but I think it is going to magically disappear someday.

On a side note:

My wife has a gift for finding “nonfood items” in her food. Glass, hair, and fingernails are all things I can remember her finding in her dinner. Claim Jumper, Red Lobster, and Outback Steakhouse were the restaurants we were at when she found these items.

I’ve watched her eat. She looks at almost every bite before she puts it in her mouth. I almost think ignorance is bliss in this case, because once she finds something she is totally grossed out and can’t eat a thing. God only knows how many body parts I’ve eaten over the years, and enjoyed them too!


Guinevere said...



I don't want to hear anymore! Yikes!

ventl8r said...

Hubs and I were at Ruby TUesday a few years ago enjoying their Potato Skin appetizer and there was something in the sour was a receipt. The manager had absolutely no witty response as he was as dumbfounded as we were. So we got that free along with dessert.

At Applebee's I had a burger and bit into it only to find something hard. It was a featherbone from their ribs. Got that one free, too.

And I finally have a comment to your neighborhood post a few days back. It's taken me this long to come up with something remotely witty.....with the pictures you posted of your neighbors' yards and your attached advice, should we start calling you Groundskeeper Willie?

Queen of Dysfunction said...

I am seriously going to barf.

Herself said...

Maybe it's a West Coast thing. Wasn't it in CA where the woman claimed there was a finger in her Wendy's hamburger? But, I guess it was a hoax.

Patty O said...

Ugh, that's pretty gross. What did you guys end up doing?

And hey, I'll put you on a the list of bloggers I'd recommend. I figure I can probably fit an Angels fan on there.

Tammie Jean said...

I've found hair in my food before, and when that happens I like to pretend that it's mine if at all possible. I'm not always easy to convince, but the alternative is I might throw up.

Peter Bangs said...

Is it just me is does it alnmost always seem to be women who find this wierd shit in their food? My Mrs investigates every bite as if it contained glass and razorblades, me I just eat.

Mocha said...

I'm just not ever going to be able to enjoy a meal with you people.

Sondra said...

This is great info to know.