Sunday, September 16, 2007

Put Those Things Away!

I will start this post with the acknowledgement that I am a pig. So you don't need to point that out in your comments, but if you must, go ahead, I'm all for free speech.

Church here in the desert is pretty slow. About half of my church leaves town for the summer.

Church here in the desert is also pretty casual. It is usually at least 110, so people dress to stay cool. Especially the ladies.

Today was an exceptionally "scenic"day. The sun dresses were out in abundance. It was a great day to be a guy.

A guy can usually catch a casual glimpse of an attractive woman and its no big deal, but today, I flat out was caught staring. I wasn't even going to deny it.

The woman I was staring at was wearing a red sun dress with very thin shoulder straps and the top was barely holding in her breasts. She was very tan, but her boobs weren't! You could see that much. I think my mouth was actually open in amazement when I got an elbow in the ribs from Sherri.

So basically, I was caught checking out babes at church today, with my wife standing next to me. I'm pretty much going to hell.


Queen of Dysfunction said...

Well. If you're going to hell at least you'll enjoy the view on the ride there.

ventl8r said...

You're just admiring God's creation, that's all. *wink wink*

Patty O said...

LOL, that's friggin' awesome. And hey, going to hell can't be that bad if they serve beer.

I'd say one of my biggest bad habits is checking out hot girls on the side of the road when I'm driving. That could definitely cause an accident in the future.

Tammie Jean said...

A skimpy red sundress is tough to ignore. I bet you weren't the only one staring.

Peter Bangs said...

I'm impressed you're still breathing,my wife would have killed me if she caught mestaring like that, unless she pointed the woman out to me in the first place, then I could get away with looking.