Sunday, September 2, 2007

Just Curious

Do you wear gloves and protective eyewear when you visit this site? Does my writing cause eye and skin irritation? I often wonder what brings some people here or back for return visits. The crude titles I use for a lot of my posts bring hits from all over the world, but when they don’t find pictures of “boob licking” or “butt plugs” they put the hand lotion away and try a different search.

I started this blog for my fantasy baseball friends. It was supposed to be used as place for us to talk baseball and possibly make trades in our fantasy baseball league. I think some of the guys read it every once in a while, but it has basically evolved into something I didn’t intend it to be, a place where I tell stories about what’s going on in my life. Why would I think anyone gives a rip about that?

One thing I have discovered since I started this blog is that I enjoy writing. I think my writing has improved too. I think I could go into more detail when I’m telling my stories, but I’m not sure my readers enjoy the real long post.

Sometimes I don’t have any funny stories to tell. I’ll sit in front of the computer and try to think of something, but I usually just skip posting until I have something in my head ready to go. I bring this up because I often wonder what people like to read about when they come here. I like to write about my family, but for the sake of this “writing thing” I’m asking for some other ideas.

Here are some things that I can write about without bull shitting you, BASEBALL, THE ANGELS, FOOTBALL, GOLF, GOLF COURSE MAINTENANCE, COOKING, PARENTING, ADOPTION, MOVIES, MUSIC, MANAGEMENT, LAWN CARE, GARDENING, PESTICIDES (Besides Nora, how many of you know Malathion is a pesticide?), HOME DEPOT (Worked there 8 years.), DOMINO’S PIZZA (Worked there 10 years.), AND MARRIAGE (Married 22 years.).

I am willing to write about more serious topics like politics, religion, and race/discrimination issues, but I get the impression people come here for a “light read”.

So friends, give an evil mutant a shout. Let me know if there is something you would like me to tackle. You would be doing ME the favor.


Queen of Dysfunction said...

You know what's funny? I had no idea you were into fantasy baseball after reading your blog.

However, I will try to do a mutant a favor and tell you what I, personally, like in a blog.

Honesty. Seriously. Honest views on day to day life (even the boring stuff)(ok, especially the boring stuff), kids, funny stuff, gardening, pesticides, cooking, parenting, ;)

Mostly however, I think good blogs are those that the writer takes all their walls down and writes honestly.

Malathionman said...

Thanks Steph, I hope you don't mind that I use your name. Honesty is the best policy! You do kind of look like Stan Laurel in that wet suit picture. :)

Leucantha` said...

I have no idea who Stan Laurel is but I am guessing that wasn't nice coming from you!

All joking aside I love that your blog is gross, funny and sometimes very serious and thought provoking. Albeit those are less often that say Mocha Momma (my other favorite MM.)

I honestly think whatever you wanted to write about is fine. You always make it interesting that is for sure. (I don't know how to type redneck but you put some twang on that FOR SURE! okay?)

Malathionman said...

Nora- OK, your "redneck" is showing. Stan Laurel had this partner, Oliver Hardy. The two guys were kind of famous in the entertainment business. I know you are a little younger than me, but not that young. :)

-S. said...

I just like to read about you and everything that is going on with your family. I like to read about your workers also. We haven't had a good story about them in a while.

Have a great day.


Elizabeth said...

Personally, I'd love to see you tackle the growing trend of men walking around in flip flops without getting a proper pedicure. Oh, the horror!

ventl8r said...

Your thoughts on lime jello?

Guinevere said...

I like your blog for the sheer randomness of it! Seriously. I never know what I'm going to see when I stop in. lol

I'm scared to know what kind of hits you get based solely on your post titles! LOL

Blog about anything and I'll continue to stop in... ;o)

Cassie said...

Losing weight is not difficult just by changing your eating habits alone. The food you put in your mouth is 80%, and exercise is 20%. I don't need to lose weight. I'm trying to build muscle. So I have to work out a lot. :) I don't mind it though. I enjoy challenging myself and I get excited when I see that I'm getting stronger.

Malathionman said...

S- I have a worker story to tell! COMING SOON!

Kristi & Elisabeth- That sounds like a challenge! You may be sorry!

G- Hope your are over that birthday of yours. 40 isn't so bad. 50 might be tough, I'm sure I'll have to blog about that.

Cassie-Hey, you look great. I bet you could kick my butt too! :)

Patty O said...

I'm totally with you on why you started writing. I love writing in my blog all the time. And just like you, sometimes I won't post until I've got something really good to write about. I hate writing the post that just seems pointless to me.

Mickey MET said...

I'd like to read your thoughts on "Religion" to be honest with you. Especially those on Baptism.