Saturday, January 6, 2007

Color Could Be A Problem.

The family van took a dump on New Year's Eve. We were trying to get out of town, but ended up leaving the van at our mechanic's shop. This made Alissa very sad. She was crying, "I don't want Whitey to die! I don't want Whitey to die!" As you can probably guess, the color of our van is white. I never knew that Alissa had a name for the car, let alone such an awkard one. I mumbled to Sherri, "At least she doesn't call it Cracker." Naturally, I got elbowed and was told to shut up.

A couple of days later we were eating dinner and I asked Sherri what the mechanic said about the van. The mechanic said he can fix the problem that broke us down on New Years for about $600.00, but he found a bunch of other stuff that will need to be fixed very soon too. It will probably cost about $2500.00 to do it all. Much more than we want to put in THAT P.O.S.. So he suggested getting a new car. Alissa started to get upset again. We told her that we would get a better car and that she could name that one too! Alissa's response, "Can I pick the color ?" My response, "Just not black." Ow, kick to the shin under the table!


Mominator said...

ouch. DQ named our dog Whitey when she was little. We got weird looks since she is biracial. We just laughed. Alissa should choose a beautiful purple car for you.

Careful what you promise kids.

: ) Sue

Aynde said...

If we left it to out daughter all our cars would be purple or pink.

Funny thing about the daughter - She thinks all red cars are a Ferrari. So daddy drives a ferrari. (he has a maroon toyota camry) LOL!!!!