Monday, January 8, 2007

More Glue For You

In previous entries (here, and here) I have referred to my wife as the “glue”. This weekend would be another great example of that very thing.

Friday was my oldest daughter’s birthday. She is now 15. If you don’t know me or haven’t read my site that much, Sarah is in a
residential school in Utah. I live in California. Sherri had planned a trip to see her on her birthday a couple of months ago, but with the condition of her father being so bad, things had to change.

Sherri wanted to take Sarah home to see her dad. The students at this school are not usually allowed to leave the property. They can leave campus with their parents, only if they have been good. Sarah has not been good. She would have to do all her visiting on campus. Sherri had different plans.

Sherri explained the condition her father to the school and requested to take Sarah to her father’s for the day. This really wasn’t a problem for the school. We just didn’t want Sarah to know. We also didn’t want her younger brother and sister to know. Austin and Alissa would just think that mommy had to take care of grandpa for the weekend. I would stay home with the younger ones.

Sherri was going to drive to Utah Friday, and pick up Sarah Saturday morning (early). Then she would drive back to California, where Sarah would get to visit Saturday afternoon and some of Sunday morning. Finally, Sherri would drive Sarah back to Utah Sunday afternoon, where she had to be on campus by 7:30pm.

Sherri was willing to do all this because she thought a visit to she her father alive would be better than going to the funeral, and she is just a great mom.

Well the trip went down without any problems. John was having a bad weekend, but was able to visit and comfort Sarah. Sarah was on her best behavior and genuinely grateful for the visit. Sherri said it was one of the most enjoyable times she has ever spent with Sarah. We are hoping the chance to enjoy some of the little freedoms that Sarah has not had for almost year now, will get her to straighten up her act and get her home.

So now it’s Monday afternoon and Sherri is still not home. Did I mention her sister went with her on the trip back? Instead of staying in Utah last night, they went to Las Vegas. So hopefully she is not having one of those “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.” days.


Natalie said...

That's great that Sherri was able to pull all of that off. It will be a great memory for always.

Do I work? Not yet. I'm working on selling my house in Tucson and dealing with things here and have just started putting my resume' out there in earnest.

It's been a nice break but it's time to get back to work. This is the longest break I've had in almost 20 years. I've enjoyed every moment of it.

But that's not me... I've always been a worker-bee career person. I am in the process of spreading my career wings and deciding to try something other than retail management. I can always fall back on it if I need to but I'd kind of like to do something else. Even if that means a big cut in pay. I'm going for quality versus quantity.

I didn't know you had a blogspot blog. May I add you?

Have a good one,

Natalie said...

Um... link you. I'm still getting used to the different terminology.

Mocha said...

So, because I'm a jerk (isn't that what you called me? ummm, yeah) I had to go back and read about Sarah in the residential home and about the difficult times that kid has been through and how hard life is for people. Especially, at times, kids.

Don't beat yourself up. You had high expectations, wanted a family, and got it. However, you have learned from your parenting (WE'RE SUPPOSED TO!) and try to continue to be the best father you can be. Yet, we all still live with this guilt about what works / doesn't work for our kids. It sounds like y'all have a lot on your plates. Take care.

Pray for your wife to return from Vegas, too. ;-)