Wednesday, January 31, 2007


This is pretty sad. Twice this week I have made reference to Kevin Federline. I used the term "K-Fed." It is sad that I even know who this turkey is. This may be sadder. Both times I was corrected, by different people, "Don't you mean Fed-Ex?"


Miranda said...

So sorry that your week involved thinking of him at all, but I have a question. Were the people correcting you (Fed-Ex was the media's way of being clever once the pending divorce was announced) or did they actually think you meant the shipping company? Doesn't matter either way, I'm just curious.

Malathionman said...

Miranda- Ultimately it is sad that a douche bag like Kevin Federline is so well known, and that he has these nick-names that the public knows all too well.

Miranda said...

Here here.

Natalie said...

*Bangs the gavel*
Motion passed; the dude is a douche bag.
Now he's apologizing for making fun of fast food workers.
He should just stay in... watch Jerry Springer... pretend that is not what his life has become.

Malathionman said...

Nat- I worked in fast food for years! I'm gonna open a can of whoop-ass on Fed-Ex if I ever see him.

Mominator said...

I'm ashamed that I know who you are talking about. He's a total douche bag. Wouldn't even accept 25 million in divorce settlement. wants 50 million. I'm ashamed I know that too!!!!!

Sue : )

Leucantha` said...


I wish I could pretend that I was that high class.