Thursday, January 18, 2007

Please Pass the Beauty Cream

Looking at the past can be tough.

I got my copy of Bleak Future out the other night. I really hadn’t seen it since it was reedited and put out on DVD. The DVD had extras like most DVDs these days. I had more fun listening to the comments and watching the outtakes than watching the movie. I was invited to go to the recording of the comments and be included in that part of the DVD, but stuff going on with Sarah kept me from making the trip to the studio that night. It would have been nice to touch base with the young adults that made up the cast of Bleak Future. I was the old guy in the cast. I think I was 33. I will be 43 next month. Everyone else was a teenager or in their early twenties.

When I clicked to the comment section there was a picture of all the actors that attended the recording. They had all grown up! They all looked like parents. Most of them were parents! It made me feel old. Did I always look like a parent to those kids? I spent a lot of time with them, I felt like one of the gang. When I clicked to the rehearsal clips and saw myself, not in make up, reading lines with the other actors, I realized the big difference between early twenties and early thirties…ugh!


Miranda said...

It must have been fun going down memory lane with the dvd. Is the dvd something I could easily find to check out?

Malathionman said...

Miranda- Go to, point and click yourself around the site to see what a struggling young film director does to promote his work. I believe you can rent Bleak Future at Netflix. Don't rent it because you might think its a good movie, ITS NOT! Check it out because its kind of cool to see what some college students did with no money, no real actors, and the determination to try and make it in the movie business. I have seen some of Brian's work since Bleak Future, and it is better. I just don't know enough about making movies to say if he is good enough to really make it in that business.

Leucantha` said...

Whoohoo you called me a kid! NOt that you are that old, I mean it's not like you can qualify to be in AARP. I am groving to the music by the way. In any case you should definately get some of that anti-aging cream, I would hate for you to lose your dream girl movie star status.

Mominator said...

Isn't it scary? It totally freaks me out. I hate it. I hate the fact I'm old now, but don't feel like it. I hate that I stick out like a sore thumb when hanging out with Blondie and friends. I hate when I run into kids I haven't seen in a few years and they are grown up and have kids themselves!!! ARRGHHH!!! This is a hard year for me dude.