Tuesday, January 2, 2007

How Is Malathionman Like A Dreamgirl?

I bet many of you were wondering that very thing. How is Malathionman like a Dreamgirl? Does he sing show tunes? Only in the shower. Does he like to dance? When ever there is a pole in the room. Does he like to wear high heals? Maybe if they came from Mocha Mama’s closet. The other day at work I was compared to a “Dreamgirl.”

Nelson is the guy my boss hired to fill my old position. He is a former golf course superintendent from Canada. He is a great guy, and very over-qualified for his current position. He is also very Canadian. He talks just like Bob McKenzie. He does own a copy of “Strange Brew” , and can probably quote the whole thing to you. He even keeps me updated on junior hockey scores, like anyone in the desert gives a rip about junior ice hockey.

While I was out with my surgery, Nelson was in charge of my crew. He did just fine, but it was a bit of culture shock for Nelson and my entire Hispanic crew. They are used to THIS white boy, and apparently missed me very much. I bring donuts every Friday. In fact they all showed up at my house the Saturday before Christmas to see how I was doing. Unfortunately I was at the post office and Sherri was in the shower when they showed up.

I get this call from Sherri, “Where the hell are you?”
Me, “You know where I’m at, I’m at the post office.”
“Get your ass home now.”
“Why? What did I do?”
“Your entire crew is here, and I just stepped out of the shower.”
“ Oh man (chuckle, chuckle, chuckle), that sucks for you.”
“Your dead.”
“I’ll be right there.”

Anyways, Nelson told me the story about how the crew was planning the trip to my house and how the girls were going to bring me flowers and tamales. He was very impressed.

Nelson, “Dude they love you here, you are like………..Beyonce!”
Me, “Thanks.”

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Miranda said...

Oh, those silly Canadians... ;)

Hope you're doing well!