Saturday, January 13, 2007

Wanna Lifesaver?

Today I signed my son up for little league. It will be his first experience with organized sports. He is starting kind of late; he will be 11 in March. I am hoping that he will enjoy the experience of being successful on the field. It is hard to beat the feeling of hitting a grand slam after the opposing team intentionally walked the guy in front of you. The only grand slam I ever hit happened just that way. They even brought in their closer to pitch to me, which made it even sweeter, first pitch fastball, GONE!

I grew up playing soccer, baseball, and tennis. I was pretty good. I was never the best guy out there, but I did have the skills to play at a high level of competition. It was my interest in sports that kept me out of trouble as a teenager. I am hoping that this works for my son too.

I am not sure how Austin will do. He is an athletic little guy, but his hand-eye coordination is well…..lousy. His memory is a little sketchy too. I think he may have a hard time knowing what to do in some game situations. There’s a man on first, nobody out and Austin is playing second base. The ball is hit on the ground to him. Where should Austin throw the ball?

One thing that is really cool about my job is that I will be available in the afternoons and evenings for baseball practices and games. My father wasn’t. He worked the night shift for the police department. My mom would come to some of the games, but I wanted my dad to be there. I am hoping that I can do that for Austin. I want to be there when he hits that grand slam, or to offer him a lifesaver when he fails. Who remembers that commercial?


Natalie said...

I remember that commercial. My dad was a police officer. He never saw me play (softball.) My mom rarely came to my games, either. She was too busy working as she was a divorced, single mom with three little girls. Rough.

Our oldest keeps asking what sport we think he'll be good at. He wants to play football and basketball but he's got glasses now and he's not very careful. I think I'd like to start him in soccer which is really big here. He needs organized sports not only for play but for the discipline it teaches. He also needs some positive male influences. I can be there for him but, you know, geez, I'm a yucky ol' girl. :)

I believe the answer to your question is to hit the bag and throw to first.

Malathionman said...

Soccer was my first sport. I think it is a great introduction to team sports. As for glasses look at those pictures, didn't keep me from playing.

Mominator said...


I love little league games

(BTW: I love your wife. She's da shizz)

Sue : )